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Reach out for registration information!!!


Let's see if we can head off any of your questions or concerns here...

How Much?

Our class rate is $33.50 with each session typically consisting

of 8 sessions.  Siblings get an additional 5% off classes.


Do you have make-up/vacation days?

We understand that things can come up, just reach out to us if you

need to miss a class.  We'll get you covered. 

Why are classes only 20 minutes?

To be frank, for a large number of kiddos in the age

groups we service, that's about as long as you can

capture their attention productively.

What if I register for the wrong class?

No problem, just reach out to us and we'll work with you to get it corrected.

What is the registration fee for?

Registration fees help defray administrative ​& facility costs.

Many schools run "perpetual" swim lessons, is your program the same?

No.  We don't feel that is necessary to meet the swimming educational goals for your child.

We offer sessions consisting of 8 lessons for each level of development.

Do I need to be onsite for the lessons?  Can I drop-off and come back?

Yes, parents/guardians must remain onsite for the duration of each lesson.  

Do I need to be in the pool with my child?

For all infants and some young toddler classes parents/guardians must be in the pool with the child.  This aides in the development of shared knowledge of water safety techniques.

What should I bring to class for my child?

Just the essentials:





All children under 3 & any child that is not potty trained:

Well fitting reusable swim diaper

(Disposable swim diapers are not permitted)


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