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Infant Classes

Infant Swim & Acclimation

It's never too early to dive in...


Our classes will create and opportunity for our youngest of

students to become comfortable with the water and

help families in learning how to support continued water education and safety.


Through variable classroom levels, the infants and parents will be

challenged in taking on new skills involving boy movement, 

submerging, floating, and forward motion.

All throughout the class sessions, each child will have clearly outlined

goals and milestones.


Swimming is not only a life saving skill that everyone should learn but it is also an activity that gives back great enjoyment, promoting courage, strength and confidence.

There are 2 classroom levels for children under the age of 30 months.

The 1st level is for new swimmers, the 2nd level for children

that are typically no longer showing water anxiety.

Find more detailed classroom information at the registration

site, or just drop us a line.  

Signup is free, you're not obligated in any way, you can browse classes and see pricing.



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